Welcome to the Open HardWare site. I created this site to collect and share designs of all sorts of electronic circuits. Most of the circuits you find here come from other websites, however the majority of the PCB designs are made by me. I try to build every design, using the PCB as published. This way I know for sure that the designs are working as intended, and that people using them will most likely have less problems getting them to work.

I use Eagle to generate the schematics and the PCB’s. Where possible I make the PCB single sided or if double sided with minimal vias. This will help the people who want to etch the PCB themselves.

I would like to invite everybody to share their designs here. This site is a pure non-profit site and I have no intention to make money from somebody else’s’ hard work.

All the PCB’s I will make available for purchase through oshpark.com, a great website for high quality PCB’s. All images showing the PCB’s are generated there, and are a very good representation of the PCB you will receive. Just to make sure you understand; I do not make money out of sales from oshpark.com!

Again, welcome and please share your feedback or designs!


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