Here you will find a list of handy to have links to sites which sell parts or provide services which I use for the projects on this site.


  • High quality PCB’s with purple solder mask and ENIG finish. Made in the USA! Cost $5 per sq. inch for 3 copies.
  • Chinese webshop with a cheap PCB service. They offer 10 PCBs of 5x5cm for under $10 excl. shipping. And you can get them with a solder mask in several colors! For the more accurate designs I wouldn’t recommend using them, but in general a decent product.


  • One of the main component suppliers in the world, USA based.
  • Another main component supplier. I normally check first with Mouser and if they don’t have it, I check with Digikey. Some makers are not available with Mouser, but are with Digikey.
  • A great source for cheap components. I normally buy the consumable items, like resistors and ceramic capacitors, there. At times certain parts are only available on eBay…
  • Sometimes they have nice (exotic) parts for not too much $.


  • Their main products are RF cable assemblies / connectors, but they also have a good number of enclosures available. they use eBay as an point of sale too, so you can always order from them via eBay so you are a bit more protected in case something goes wrong…
  • A site with a lot of different (HAM radio related) components. I use them mainly for their offering of tin plated boxes.

If you have suggestions for the list, please leave a comment with the URL and why I should add them.




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